penergetic b
penergetic p


Ricardo Bemfica Steffen and Gerusa Pauli Kist Steffen PhD in Soil Science BRAZIL


Scientific Publication: In Vitro Activation of Microbial Growth in Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

"Significant increases in fungal and bacterial growth were observed when using the commercial biostimulator in culture medium."
Publication of Ricardo Bemfica Steffen, Gerusa Pauli Kist Steffen & Joseila Maldaner in the Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, June 2020, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 1-7

Mycelial growth of Pisolithus microcarpus (A) and Suillus sp. (B) in the treatments evaluated after 120 hours of incubation with penergetic (PNG1 and PNG 2) and without penergetic (Control and SiO2)