The technology. Origins and development.

The Penergetic technology is based on physical principles. Everything of life, including growth, actions and thoughts are not possible without electrical impulses and magnetic waves.

The realization that every atom, molecule, compound and substance has its own electromagnetic frequency led to the development of the Penergetic technology. We are able to transmit selected frequencies to suitable materials under controlled conditions of electromagnetic induction. This leads to a modified electron status of the material, which was treated with the Penergetic technology. The penergetic products emit the selected electromagnetic frequencies to the area of application and generate an desired effect.

Electrical impulses and magnetic waves make life possible

Utilizing the potential in agriculture: principles that have been successfully used in the treatment of humans for decades can now also be utilized in agriculture with penergetic products.

Our technology is used in different areas:
  • Agriculture - Penergetic

    Biotechnology for sustainable and efficient agriculture

  • Water vitalization - AquaKat

    Structured and vitalized water for humans, animals and plants

Application of frequencies and properties

In agriculture, desired improvements such as better growth or resistance, can be stimulated with penergetic products. This biostimulation strengthens the whole organism and leads to an optimal use of the available resources and to an increase in quantity and quality of the products.

Programming selected properties.

The programming is not limited to single frequencies or characteristics. Several frequencies can be combined simultaneously on one product. Thanks to many years of experience, a selection of frequencies in combination with one another can be chosen today, which have already proven to be effective, to achieve more optimal results.

Individual solutions.

Together with the international network of Penergetic partners, individual products and solutions have been developed for costumers.

„The application of penergetic products showed interesting trends in the development of plants. This should be further reviewed for a new approach in agriculture“
Prof. Dr. Maria R. Finckh (Ecological plant protection, University Kassel)